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ido, i do.

This site journels my jouney into Ido. I hope you find it useful.

After passively learning Esperanto for about 10 years, I decided to try something else. I won't get political here as I believe there is no right or wrong choice, but the Esperanto language did not "click" for me.

I wish the Esperanto community success in their endevers.

first book

May 2021

After quickly skimming a few learning resources online, I currently favour this one as an introduction to ido.

Home page link for the book - Ido for all

chrome browser plugin

Aug 2021

I made an extension for quickly looking up an ido word by selecting its text.

Github link

memrise course

Aug 2021

I made a flashcard course of the vocabulary found in the book "ido for all".

Course link